The Van Vranken Group

Research in the Van Vranken group is focused on the development of powerful reactions for the synthesis of bioactive compounds, mostly involving either transition metal catalysts or peptide substrates.  Most of our efforts are now centered on metal-catalyzed carbenylative insertion processes.  We have developed palladium-catalyzed carbenylative cross-coupling reactions that generate vinylsilanes, gamma-amino acids, and allylamines, providing one-step access to key structures that are common in a variety of natural products.

We have demonstrated the ability to vary the carbene donor, the halide acceptor and nucleophile in palladium-catalyzed carbenylative cross-couplings.  With the ability to vary each individual component of the reaction we are well-positioned to synthesize a wide range of complex molecules, including natural products and bioactive compounds.

Potential Targets

Our recent success in the development of metal-catalyzed carbenylative insertion reactions should allow us to extend the list of natural products successfully synthesized by our group.

Natural Products Synthesized by the Van Vranken Group